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  • Web & Mobile In-App Messaging
  • Web & Mobile In-App Help Center
  • Live Chat
  • Email Ticketing
  • Custom Branded Web Help Center
  • Internationalized Knowledge Management
  • Smart Views
  • Tickets Notification
  • Auto Assignment
  • Optimized Routing
  • New Ticket Automation
  • Time-Based Automation
  • Tag Classification & Management
  • Advanced Workflow Management
  • Scripts Library
  • Agents & Apps & Case Management
  • Customized Rating Options
  • Advanced AI Bot
  • Bot Stories
  • Hotwords
  • Machine Learning
  • Bot Tickets Analysis
  • Bot Corpus
  • Self-service Form (100 Free Included)
  • Form Automation
  • Real-Time Operations
  • Load Balancing
  • Flexible Queues
  • Push Notification
  • Advanced Analytics with BI
  • Customized APIs
  • BI(GM) Platform Links
  • Supporting/Training/Experience Exam
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Charges (Optional)
  • Facebook/VKontakte/Twitter/WeChat Integrations
  • Auto-Translation
  • In-App Video Ticketing
  • CRM(Free Trial)
  • AIHelp App
  • FREE for Any Plan
  • VIP Priority
  • Questionnaire
  • Operation & Product Daily Mail
  • Problem Warning - Tags & Tickets
  • Webhook
  • Quality Assurance
  • Rewards Points For Tickets
  • Form Statistics
  • Google Play / App Store Integration
  • App Indexing & Spotlight

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you define a Monthly Active User?

A Monthly Active User (MAU) is defined as any unique device that has opened your app during the month.

How does the 21 days trial work?

We give you 21 days to download & integrate AIHelp in your mobile app. We won't ask you for your credit card details until after these 21 days.

How do I pay for a AIHelp plan?

You can pay for any of the AIHelp plans with your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card. SSL encryption and Level 1 PCI Compliance ensure that your data stays secure.

Can I upgrade my plan at any time?

Sure, you can upgrade your plan at any time. We'll start charging you the new monthly rate at your next scheduled payment date.

When will I be billed?

We bill monthly, so you'll be charged for your plan at the end of your 21 days trial with the renewal date occurring one month from that time. You will be given advanced notice when your renewal date is approaching.

Do you charge extra for multiple platforms?

No, we don't charge extra for multiple platforms. If you have an iOS and Android app we aggregate the number of monthly active users (MAU), across both platforms.